A review of sacred hoops by phil jackson

Compassion and selflessness are keys to winning. Particularly in light of how well he has the Lakers playing this year, Jackson deserves ample credit for the ability to get really good NBA teams to win big.

Book review: Sacred Hoops by Phil Jackson

Sep 22, Ben Rollins rated it it was amazing I finally found the time to finish this incredibly interesting book!

I become a transparent eyeball; I am nothing; I see all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part and parcel of God," he is describing an experience very similar to the mindfulness Jackson describes. It sounds like Jackson had a pretty harsh and restrictive religious upbringing; hard to blame him for rebelling.

Philosophy is a necessity, not a luxury. The level of athlete may be considerably different from the ones we have to work with, but many of the issues Phil brings up have parallels at all levels and in all sports.

Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior, which is about mindful basketball and delineates his personal philosophy as well as his coaching and leadership style, based on Eastern and Native American principles. Couched in Zen metaphors, his message can be boiled down to two simple precepts: If it works to give him an aura of mystery with his players and makes them just marginally more willing to listen to him, then by definition it's working.

Jackson wrote Sacred Hoops when he was coaching with the Bulls and had some of the biggest egos in the league to deal with on a daily basis. I despised the Bulls when I was younger. Less interesting are his dissertations on a variety of religious and philosophical practices, mostly Far Eastern and Native American, and his attempts to incorporate them into his coaching techniques.

But it is not a great read. Jackson is famous for being the man who moulded the Chicago Bulls from being almost solely reliant upon Michael Jordan, into a NBA championship force as a team with a lot of help from Jordan as well.

Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior

The ability to teach team play usually is the key ingredient in successful coaches. When injuries ended his playing career early he decided to coach. Phil wasn't your typical coach he took on a different coaching style that used the ideas of Zen Buddhism to bring together a wide range of personalities to work together and be successful.

But all of that "be in the moment" jazz just seems like pure shtick. Particularly so if you reflect back with greater hindsight that if Jackson truly led this team and its individuals on a spiritual journey to betterment should they have obtained some more permanent value?

This is what makes this book so valuable to all coaches.

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Cover Image Courtesy of bookdepository.In Sacred Hoops, Jackson describes his life growing up, his NBA playing career, and his coaching career (through the season).

The opening statement from the. Phil Jackson along with the former Boston Celtic Coach Red Auerbach is arguably the two finest NBA coaches that ever coached professional basketball.

Jackson created a dynasty with the Chicago Bulls led by Michael Jordan and duplicated the feat with The Los Angeles Lakers led by Kobe and Shaq. Oct 24,  · Sacred Hoops purports to be a description of the spiritual journey that Phil Jackson has gone on during his life and career in basketball and also the spiritual journey he sought to lead the unstoppable Chicago Bulls on as they won six championships in the 'kitaharayukio-arioso.com: Balanced Sports.

Chicago Bulls coach Jackson (with People editor Delehanty) offers an unusual mixture of New Age advice and basketball knowledge, a sort of Zen and the Art of Pro Hoops. Chicago Bulls coach Jackson (with People editor Delehanty) offers an unusual mixture of New Age advice and basketball knowledge, a sort of Zen and the Art of Pro Hoops.

Sacred hoops: spiritual lessons of a hardwood warrior / By: Jackson, Phil. Published: () More than a game / By: Jackson, Phil.

Published: () Bull session: an up-close look at Michael Jordan and courtside stories about the Chicago Bulls / By: Kerr, Johnny.

A review of sacred hoops by phil jackson
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