Concept of relationship marketing marketing essay

Communication Strategy and Promotion Methods to be Used As the idea of CRM is to place the emphasis on the consumer, the technique can be used to develop an effective strategy based on consumer preferences.

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The kinds of databases which can be extrapolated from the utilisation of CRM can be used to build up sophisticated understanding of the consumer. Regular customers tend to be less expensive to service because they are familiar with the process, require less "education", and are consistent in their order placement.

The concept of relationship marketing

There can be little doubt that the combination of Internet functionality and CRM implementation has improved the quality and availability of information available in markets today. The popularity and uptake of CRM systems is evident: To maintain this border over challengers, who continually try to pull these clients off, a house has to get the hang the three elements of a market-relating capableness.

The three advancements provide a company with improved cross departmental functionality in various ways; a technological solution to the Payne et al.

Contexts, Strategies and Applications 3rd Ed. They conclude by proposing future research waies for farther academic enquiry of resonance in service contexts. In utilising the databases of customer preferences, a company is able to direct and tailor its marketing plan to these attributes.

Using technology, companies are able to develop increasingly sophisticated approaches to its marketing. This refers to using marketing techniques within the organization itself.

What Are Some Examples of Relationship Marketing?

By accessing the customer profiles built up from observed prior behaviour, a company is better placed to set appropriate prices, distribution channels, or product features relevant to particular customers. Using reinforcement techniques such as customised email newsletters and special offers, the company is able to provide genuine benefits to its customers, explored in further detail later in this essay.

Over the decades, attempts have been made to broaden the scope of marketing, Relationship Marketing being one of these attempts. However, it is suggested that because of the extensive classic marketing theories center on means of attracting customers and creating transactions rather than maintaining them, the majority usage of direct marketing used in the past is now gradually being used more alongside relationship marketing as it's importance becomes more recognizable.

The integration of supplier management and other areas of CRM e. In turn, happy employees feed back into better customer satisfaction in a virtuous circle. However, alterations in the footings of this inexplicit contract may antagonise clients and interrupt the relation.

Integration of databases and technology, in this respect, can lead to high quality personalised service on a mass scale.


Email campaigns can be tangibly measured by click-throughs, for instance, and methods for recording interest have also become more sophisticated. It also has the potential to become two-way, encouraging feedback between the customer and the service or consumer item provider.

CRM, on the other hand, adheres more to the individual marketing attributes summarised above. This can be widely seen via frequent flyer and frequent stayer loyalty programmes driven by airlines and hotel chains, whereby the objective is to establish a relationship with the consumer, to provide mutual benefits.

The concept of relationship marketing October 1, Relationship Marketing is a construct that is developed based on placing client demands. It would be arguably valid to suggest, from a consumer behaviour perspective, that CRM compliments the kind of reinforcement and cognitive based buying processes referred to by East Benefits of Individualisation to the Organisation The benefits that the accuracy of this kind of relationship with customers has to an organisation are wide ranging, on strategic, business and functional levels Muther If internal marketing is effective, every employee will both provide and receive exceptional service from and to other employees.

This effect has been demonstrated for years with many types of direct marketing, for example WARC. Such knowledge gives the company many strategic advantages such opportunities to better target their marketing. By offering one on one communications, a company is able to build up detailed individual customer profiles based on individual choices, purchase decisions and attribute behaviour over time.

This method is using customer behaviour over time the customer life-cycle to trigger the marketing approach. Long-term customers tend to be less inclined to switch, and also tend to be less price sensitive. The research contributes to the literature by supplying a more complete, incorporate position of client trueness and its determiners in services contexts.

In essence, the customer should be regarded as the main source of revenue, ands should be in focus, and that the supplier's task is to create value for the customer. It is argued here that companies are able to make better decisions when moving into new markets due to the knowledge accrued from existing customers.

Relationship marketing stresses on what it calls internal marketing.concept of relationship marketing Early 80’s was the emergence of the concept ‘relationship marketing’ as an influential issue in the marketing literature.

Bund Jackson is recorded as having used the term ‘relationship marketing’ in ’s in the field of industrial marketing (Gumesson et al., ). Some examples of relationship marketing are sending birthday cards to clients, offering reward plans to customers and creating web pages and forums for clients to find the answers to their questions and to become better informed.

Making a change based on customer requests is also a relationship. Relationship Marketing Essay “Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the new title for relationship marketing”. Explain why this is so, and suggest how CRM be effectively incorporated into a Marketing.

Gummesson, E. (), contends that ‘The essence of the Relationship Marketing concept is based on the understanding of customer needs and wants. If a company that satisfies needs and creates value for the customer, customer satisfaction and the right customer perceived quality, the company stands the best chance of success.

Relationship Marketing is a concept that is developed based on identifying customer needs. The Organization will identify the needs of the customers and develop every activity based on such needs. The entire value system of the organization will be carried out based on the ability to satisfy customer needs.

The concepts of Marketing are: Production concept, Product concept, selling concept, Marketing concept and Societal Marketing concept. Production concept: Production concept deals with production.

Customer wants that product which is widely available and has a less price.

Concept of relationship marketing marketing essay
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