Plato a reaction paper

It is the response received after performing a certain action, which enables a person to call themselves good.

Not just having intelligence makes someone good, that desire to keep learning more and to share such knowledge defines a person.

This is portrayed as an idealized sense of what goodness and justice are.

Response Paper #2- Allegory of the Cave

Each choice is laid out in a solid and yet philosophical manner as well. Such a ruler would be more concerned with spiritual benefit from the job than the material benefits of having so much power.

This means that a person could perform a courageous or intellectual act without necessarily being courageous or intellectual. Socrates explains that these prisoners are like unenlightened people who have only an ideal version of reality, which is to say their imagination of how life should be.

Republic leaves the reader with no choice other than to make a decision as far as what is just and unjust. What questions, concerns and ideas does this selection raise on you? The spirited soul was closely linked to the heart of a person. To some extent, the answer is yes. A bright fire is burning behind them and some people carrying statues walk by the fire occasionally.

As the people walk by, shadows will be generated on the cavern and the prisoners will have their own impressions and understandings on the objectives moving around based on the shadows they have seen.

Response to “Allegory of the Cave”

Plato argues that perceptions of material objects are imperfect reflections of an unchanging form of truth that can be pursued through the quest for knowledge and belief.

He believed that these souls belonged to a class of people known as philosophers and that the virtuous aspect of their soul was wisdom. Each person will behave how they choose and although outside factors may influence certain behaviors, it is who they are that will determine how they react to those outside influences.

He thought that if he learned why each individual fell into a particular category of souls that it would be easier to govern them. Each choice is laid out in a solid and yet philosophical manner as well.

Can a person be taught to perform certain moral tasks? In The Republic Plato uses his characters Glaucon and Adeimantus to show readers the voice of objection and concern associated with his ideas about those with spirited souls, otherwise known as the guardians.

They also needed to learn how to control their emotions.Selena Chen Antiquity and the Enlightenment Allegory of the Cave Reaction Paper February 20 th, What Plato describes in his Allegory of the Cave is what many of us will have to live with -- the prospect of being blind while imagining that %(2).

Response Paper #2- Allegory of the Cave Posted on September 19, by Alisa Rudy In Book Seven of The Republic, Plato presents his famous “Allegory of the Cave”. The Allegory of the Cave (Reflection Paper) 1.

Domingo, Dennimar O. 2nd year - BSBA Marketing Management Philosophy of Man / MWF / Professor Noel Ybañez November 29, The Allegory of the Cave By: Plato The creativity of Plato, along with his deep understanding of human nature, compels him to create a scenario. Plato - a Reaction Paper.

Plato - A reaction paper Plato is regarded as one of the greatest philosophers of all time because his thinking still influences contemporary thoughts. Selena Chen Antiquity and the Enlightenment Plato Reaction Paper February 25 th, In Plato’s written account of the conversation between Socrates and Crito, in which Crito asked Socrates to flee, Socrates responded no.

Socrates’ rejection of Crito’s request is based on the idea that it was the men of Athens who wronged him, and not the law itself. The Apology: A Reaction Paper Essay.

The Apology: A Reaction Paper. 1 - The Apology: A Reaction Paper Essay introduction. What aspect of life is revealed in the selection? The selection depicts various overlapping aspects of life: political, social and academic aspects among others.

Plato a reaction paper
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