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Because of alliances between Liberals and Progressives in many constituenciesKing found himself for the first time with a decisive majority in Parliament.

Imperialists stood behind Britain and were willing to fight Germany. Elected inhe joined the Laurier government in as the first full-time minister of labour in Canada. Harper dove into the water to try to save her, and perished in the attempt. During those years, he led a country long divided over external policy unitedly into World War II in ; surmounted two political crises over conscription, one nearly fatal to his government; and won the postwar election.

Early German victories led some Canadians to advocate conscription but, fearing a political crisis, King tried to compromise.

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King was defeated in the federal election and the conscription election. A Political Biography,and H.

W.L. Mackenzie King

Entry into Government Service In King joined the Canadian civil service as deputy minister of labor, and inwhen he entered politics and won the riding of Waterloo North for the Liberals, the prime ministerSir Wilfrid Laurierappointed him Canada's first full-time minister of labor.

King was an effective Opposition leaderkeeping his party united as he attacked Bennett for unfulfilled promises and rising unemployment and deficits. King had no personal connection to this scandal, although one of his own appointees was at the heart of it. The reform ferment in the region meshed with his self-image as a social reformer and fighter for the "people" against the "interests".

King was opposed in some policies by the Progressives, who opposed the high tariffs of the National Policy.

He earned an M. In collaboration with the provincial governments, he inaugurated a system of old-age pensions based on need. When he accepted the Rockefeller post, King had insisted on residing in Canada, and, in the election, he unsuccessfully contested North York as a Laurier Liberal.

He led the passage of the Industrial Disputes Investigation Act and the Combines Investigation Actwhich he had shaped during his civil and parliamentary service.

Critics argue that his political longevity was achieved by evasions and indecision, and that he failed to provide creative leadership; his defenders argue that King gradually altered Canada, a difficult country to govern, while keeping the nation united.

King had three siblings. More subtly, it revealed to the prime minister and President Roosevelt that they could work together well.

King had an outstanding academic career at TorontoChicagoand Harvard universities, broadened by travel in England and Germany.

It seems like Heaven's prophecy of the dawn of a new era, revealed to me. King commented in his journal that "he is really one who truly loves his fellow-men, and his country, and would make any sacrifice for their good".

Moreover, the western base of the party had been sapped by the rise of an agrarian party, the Progressives. The episode marks a constitutional crisis that was resolved by a tradition of non-interference in Canadian political affairs on the part of the British government.William Lyon Mackenzie King.

William Lyon Mackenzie King () was prime minister of Canada for more than 21 years, a longer period in office than any other first minister in the history of countries in the British Commonwealth. On Dec. 17,W. L. Mackenzie King was born at Berlin (later Kitchener), Ontario.

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W.L. Mackenzie King

William Lyon Mackenzie King. William Lyon Mackenzie King () was prime minister of Canada for more than 21 years, a longer period in office than any other first minister in the history of countries in the British Commonwealth.

On Dec. 17,W.

William Lyon Mackenzie King

L. Mackenzie King was born at. William Lyon Mackenzie King, prime minister of Canada –26, –30 and –48 (born 17 December in Berlin [Kitchener], ON; died 22 July in Kingsmere, QC [near Ottawa, ON]).

William Lyon Mackenzie King, John English, John O. Stubbs ().

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“Mackenzie King: Widening the Debate” 36 Copy quote. The politician's promises of yesterday are the taxes of today. William Lyon Mackenzie King. Keeping Promises, Yesterday, Political. 28 Copy quote. Discover William Lyon Mackenzie King famous and rare quotes.

William Lyon Mackenzie King

Share William Lyon Mackenzie King quotations about war, temperance and fighting. "A true man does not.

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